Follow the Instructions

As I write this article the rain is pouring down outside my window.  I can see and hear it, but I am perfectly dry and safe inside my residence.  The elements outside are not pleasant right now but I am safely sheltered from the storm in my nice warm home.

This reminds me of another storm that raged many years ago for the Children of Israel.  For 400 years they were slaves in Egypt.  The last many years of their enslavement was marked by cruel treatment administered by Pharaoh the king.  The Israelites cried for mercy but it seemed there would be none.  But in fact, God had heard their prayers and a plan for their exodus was in place.

Moses, the leader of the people, was directed by God to appear before Pharaoh and demand they be set free.  The king’s heart was hardened and in spite of great plagues sent by God upon the land, he refused to let Israel go.  But the most severe of all plagues is about to be unleashed – the death of the firstborn in every family.

God instructed Moses to call for preparation on the part of the Children of Israel for this last plague.  They would be exempted from the impending devastation only if they carefully followed the instructions.  A great storm is about to ravage Egypt but a means of escape will be provided the people of God.

The instructions called for a lamb to be killed and its blood applied to the door posts and over each door of every home of the Children of Israel.  As the death angel moves across the country on this stormy night, he will pass over every residence where the blood is applied.  They were also instructed to cook and eat the lamb; they were to be fully dressed with their staff in hand and they were to request valuable gifts from the Egyptians.

These instructions seemed strange to the people I’m sure, but they followed them completely.  The night of the last plague comes and a great cry arises from all over Egypt.  Death prevailed throughout the country but all was well in Goshen where the Children of Israel lived.  Pharaoh has had enough – he orders the people of God to quickly leave his country.  Freedom and victory come to the Israelites!

Our world is presently in the midst of a great storm.  Most of us have never lived through anything like this pandemic before.  There is much panic and fear throughout our society.  No one knows when this thing will end and what the world will look like when its over.  But deep in my spirit I hear the voice of God saying, “I’ve got a plan.  Just follow my instructions.”

All my life I’ve been hearing about a great revival coming to America.  We’ve seen times of stirring we thought might lead to this awakening but our hearts long to see more.  Could it be this crisis is the event that will propel the Church to the promised outpouring of the Spirit, and could it be the events happening all around the world will lead masses of people to call on the Lord?  I honestly feel and fervently pray the answer to these questions is yes!  But there’s a catch…we must follow the instructions.

The blood must be applied.  God is not looking for slick professionals who know more than anyone else; He’s looking for the blood.  He is not looking for programs and methods guaranteed to bring astounding results; He’s looking for the blood.  He’s not looking for large bank accounts, plush sanctuaries or the latest greatest anything; He is looking for people who have no greater claim than they once were lost but now they’re found, and the blood of Jesus covers their sins.  We are saved by the blood; kept by the blood and made overcomers by the blood of the Lamb!

Jesus must be at the center of all we do.  The Children of Israel were told the lamb must be completely eaten; nothing was to be wasted.  I believe He is saying to us today, “Jesus must receive our full attention and allegiance.  Nothing or no one can be more important.”  That night in Egypt, nothing mattered more than the lamb.  The same must be true today.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time of much ego-centered and personality-driven ministry.  Men have become the face of ministry and many in the church identify more with that man than they do with our Lord. It must be clearly understood, however, revival will come through Jesus, not through celebrated men.  Now is the time to declare, “I must decrease that He might increase.”

We must be fully dressed and ready to move quickly.  Some will miss this coming revival because they have not made preparation.  Some are asleep while others are living in the past.  Some are listening to the wrong voices and have become encumbered with devices that attach them more to the world than the Spirit.  Some are leaning on the arm of the flesh convinced their way is the right way.  All of this must stop right now!

We will only be prepared when we immerse ourselves in the Word, worship and prayer.  When our hearts are fully tuned to the Holy Spirit we will receive our marching orders and ministry assignments.  We will be anointed and empowered beyond our wildest imagination.  The weak will become strong.  The church will become THE CHURCH.  Revival will sweep across the land.

We should expect great increase.  This revival will not be for our gratification; it is coming for His Kingdom to be increased.  As the Gospel goes forth and Jesus is lifted up, He will be drawing men, women, boys and girls to Him.  The harvest is coming in!  (And I say this by the Spirit, “get ready; the harvest is coming!”)

I truly believe at the same time of this ingathering of souls, God is going to bless His people and make them a testimony to the world.  Those who delight themselves in Him will receive the desires of their heart.  It is the Father’s pleasure to give the Kingdom to His children.  His children will have everything they need to do what He has called them to do.

I’m watching the storm clouds roll over us and, I must admit, at times I feel afraid.  But it is in these moments of fear I am gently reminded I am safe in the arms of Jesus.  He is with me and He has a plan.  His plan will not bring harm to me but it places me right in the middle of what He wants to do in this world in these last days.  He has brought me to the Kingdom for this time.  He has purposely chosen me to participate in a great revealing of His power and glory.  I’m honored to be His son and servant.  I’m determined to stick close, listen good and follow His instructions.  

13 thoughts on “Follow the Instructions

  1. You are right on point! Eddie used to often sing Andre Crouch’s great song “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power!” We need to remember Israel’s Passover and the continued importance of the blood throughout the Bible and apply it to our hearts today! Thanks for another inspirational anointed blog!


  2. Powerful word for the hour in which we live. The church is being mobilized & is the gospel is being preached to more people than we could ever imagine.


  3. His word will stand the test of time, and is so relevant to what we are seeing now. The church is alive again! Revive us o Lord.


  4. You are so right! Eddie used to often sing Andre Crouch’s great song “The Blood” and now his kids sing it. It’s still the blood that cleanses, redeems, and covers sin! Thanks for another anointed blog!


  5. Great message & reminder Who is in charge and the Only One in charge loves & cares for us. It is a privilege to serve Him!


  6. All glory and honor to God the father and Jesus his beloved son may pour out his Holy Spirit upon all his people to the glory of his name


  7. Thank you so much for sharing the word and your heart. We’re surely living in uncertain times but we serve a God who is certainly always mindful of us.


  8. Great word! The Holy Ghost has spoken to the Lincoln Church of God more than once in the last few months that souls are coming; I believe He called it “the season of souls”. The last few days I’ve been reminded of what the Spirit spoke to us. We had no idea that a pandemic was going to sweep the world, but God did. I truly believe that this is, at least in part, the catalyst to bring people back to God.

    As I lay on my face the other night, like I’ve done over and over, crying out to God, worrying about my church and not having on-site services, I believe the Holy Ghost told me to be excited! Today I’ve felt encouraged… The Lord has it all in control! He will keep His people and use His people that, like you said, follow His instructions.

    Again, wonderful word! God bless you in this new ministry.


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