Repost: Revival…Will We Know It When We See It?

I grew up in a small town in southeastern Oklahoma in a vastly different time from today.  Instead of computer games, we played real games.  My adventures were limited only to my imagination.  Everyday I was outside with my friends and oh the fun we could have with the simplest of things!  One of theContinue reading “Repost: Revival…Will We Know It When We See It?”

God Is Calling – Will You Answer?

Throughout history, pastors and other religious leaders have been at the forefront of significant societal change. Whether it was speaking out against injustice or speaking up for freedom, these men and women bravely placed themselves in peril to bring attention to issues that demanded action.  They believed the cause was greater than their comfort andContinue reading “God Is Calling – Will You Answer?”

Repost: Rising to the Challenge

By necessity every level of leadership in any organization, including the church, must give diligent attention to methods and management.  Systems are developed to allow these to be delivered and appropriated in every situation.  These systems are there to provide order and create a path that moves the organization along in a prescribed manner.  WeContinue reading “Repost: Rising to the Challenge”

Repost: Make Healing Front and Center

The ministry of Jesus was multi-faceted to say the least.  He touched every area of society and truly made an impact everywhere he went.  But it seems whatever the occasion, He was always healing the sick.  Healing sick people was a priority of our Lord.  “Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teachingContinue reading “Repost: Make Healing Front and Center”

It’s Going to Take Some Time

I remember when the internet first came to the Higgins home.  We were all so excited to think the world would be available at our fingertips.  We would be able to get information and learn about anything that interested us.  We could not wait for this new opportunity to explore and grow.  This happened forContinue reading “It’s Going to Take Some Time”

God Is Speaking – Are You Listening?

I have always been a big fan of radio – especially AM radio.  I remember in my younger days enjoying running the dial late at night to see all the far away stations I could pick up.  Depending on the weather conditions, the dial would be filled with “in and out” “staticky” stations from allContinue reading “God Is Speaking – Are You Listening?”