Les Higgins is the author of FIRE UP! Leadership: Principles to Guide Local Church Leaders.

About Les Higgins

Les Higgins is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God and presently serves his denomination as Assistant Editor of Church of God Publications.  He assumed this role following the 2022 General Assembly after he had served four years as Field Representative for the Division of Care.  Prior to these two roles Bishop Higgins served 10 years as an Administrative Bishop in three states (Arkansas, Texas and Ohio) and 19 years as a State Youth and Christian Education Director in six states (Oklahoma, Northern Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama).   
Bishop Higgins began his ministry in 1978 while a student studying journalism at the University of Oklahoma.  He has served as an evangelist, student pastor, lead pastor as well as the aforementioned administrative roles.  His ministry has been marked by a strong emphasis on the preached Word and the making of disciples resulting in growth and productivity everywhere he has been.  He is a strong administrator with a heart for the local church. 
He has been called upon to speak in local, state and national conferences throughout the United States and in other nations of the world.  He is the author of FIRE UP! Leadership – Principles to Guide Local Church Leaders and a monthly blog that is reaching readers across the globe.  Many of his sermons and thoughts have been published in various denominational periodicals. 
He is married to Donna, his wife of 40 years.  They have one daughter, Kristina.  Les and Donna presently reside in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

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